The Loved and The Unloved

A nice shot of the waxing moon over the farm

This blog began in 1999 as an emailed post sent to friends and family. The WordPress blog portion began in 2011. And, in 2012 I made the commitment to post something new each week, which I have, by and large, observed for over 300 posts. Although, on occasion, I have reposted pieces that seemed germane to the moment or that I particularly liked. While editing and reediting a piece this morning, that will in-all-likelihood never be used, I spent a little time looking at the stats for this blog.

Listed below are the five most viewed posts, representing 5000 or so clicks. I’m not sure why these five have had more currency than some of the others. But, there you are. And, here you are:

  1. Small Town Resilience
  2. Speaking of Death Speaks of Us
  3. A Great Divide
  4. Life Before Dawn
  5. The Good Tenant

Then there are the posts that seemed to be the most unloved. But, none have been more scorned than this, weighing in with an unimpressive one view (although the post on rosemary-flavored pork fat came in a close second).

Pork Liver and Jowl Pudding


Reading this weekend: Arctic Dreams, by Barry Lopez.

14 thoughts on “The Loved and The Unloved

  1. It’s the title. You should have called it Pork Liver Pate, which is what it is, and a fine interesting recipe for it too. I don’t have jowl on hand but do have the rest and will use fatback instead. Thanks!

    • Yep, Sally, I’ll admit to indulging in a certain conceit in titling that piece when I wrote it. 🙂 I knew more people would recognize it as pâté. But, I couldn’t resist using the recipe name that is found in old cookbooks. Although, sure, that pudding label would put most diners and readers off! But, do try it, it was tasty.

  2. Took a peek back at the winning lineup and see that all are relatively recent; 3-5 all from this year. Also noted that I’ve seen them all in real time… so I’ve been following SRA in its heyday (so to speak). I have on occasion taken a peek back to earlier stuff here, but alas have not allotted enough time to really “catch up”.

    The recent nature of most of the popular postings might imply a couple different interpretations. 1) Your writing is getting better (though I’ve enjoyed many of the older things I have gone back to read – so I’d discount this option somewhat). 2) You’re building a following. 3) Facebook and Twitter successfully pulling in more eyeballs… and of course the obvious – 4) SRA was added to the blogroll at GP after it came on line (that has to be it 🙂 )

    Over 300 posts – congrats!

  3. You write very well and your subjects are those near and dear to my heart. Having said that, “The South is a Neolithic Fort of the Forgotten” is a thing of beauty and a poem. I have re-read that piece so many times and liked it more at each reading. Thank you for your work and special thanks for that particular piece.

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