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All Becky's 2013 puppies are spoken for, but you can still enjoy their pictures by visiting our English shepherd puppies page.

Winged Elm Farm. Natural Meat, Naturally Good.

Welcome to Winged Elm Farm, home of Brian Miller and Cindy Tanner since 1999. Winged Elm is a 70-acre working farm in rural South Roane County, Tennessee. The farm includes rolling pasture and woods of oak, hickory, maple and poplar.

As stewards of the land and the livestock, we work hard to adhere to sustainable practices. That means we maintain and improve our pastures using natural fertilization and minimally invasive farming techniques. When the weather cooperates, we grow and bale all of our own hay.

Our cattle are grassfed their entire lives, raised exclusively on pasture. We allow them to mature for three years to give them plenty of time to develop the muscling and marbling essential to great beef. Our feeder pigs live in the woods. Our occasional breeding stock of Berkshires, red wattles, or Tamworths live in large paddocks, with shelter from the weather. All of our pigs do what pigs like to do best: eat natural grains and produce, wallow, play, sleep, and snuffle for bugs, worms, acorns, and other edibles. They are used to and enjoy being around people. Enter any one of the paddocks and you’ll be greeted by a passel of porkers itching for a good scratching. Our chickens are free-range and fed only unmedicated layer pellets and specially mixed scratch bought from a local feedstore.

At Winged Elm Farm, we provide our customers with the same meat we eat ourselves. Here's what we offer regularly:

     • Grassfed beef
     • Paddock- and forest-raised pork
     • Grassfed lamb

For the past decade, we have raised speckled Sussex chickens, a medium-size white-meat bird, and the meat is really flavorful. Occasionally we have older laying hens and roosters for sale as well, and we sell Sussex chicks bred as replacement stock typically spring or summer. Contact us for details.

In the summer of 2012, we began hosting a series of homesteading workshops. The purpose of these workshops is to share with others some of the practical skills and knowledge we've accumulated from farming. Go to our
Homesteading workshops page to learn more about what we've done and what we have coming up.

We invite you to visit Winged Elm Farm anytime. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail to make sure we'll be home.